There is a point in an artist’s life, if lucky, when the force of every­thing learned comes into sharp focus. This occurs ear­ly or lat­er, but in that time a mas­ter­piece is cre­at­ed, maybe sev­er­al. Then the forces scat­ter again, to take anoth­er life­time to con­verge. If an artist can focus their forces and cre­ate a mas­ter­piece in the allot­ted time, then immor­tal­i­ty is pos­si­ble. This is the game. The irony is that immor­tal­i­ty is not for the artist to know.

My cre­ative forces came into con­scious­ness in Chica­go some 17,000 days ago and my one cha­grin may be that the sum of those days and the ones I may be promised won’t add up to a sin­gle mas­ter­work. There are no regrets for tak­ing up the quest, the joy is the jour­ney and that’s the way it ought to be.