I’m a well travelled urban dweller, who has also lived in the California Mountains. I love Cabo San Lucas, and I love London. Paris at night is sexy and Tijauna can be frightening, day or night. Montreal is cold as hell in the winter time but the hookers still come out in mini skirts on Dorchester Boulevard. Harlem ain’t what it used to be and Nathan’s hot dog stand in Manhattan has removed the ice cream parlor. McDonald’s on 3rd avenue delivers. People in Missouri have the best southern drawl I’ve ever heard. Every sidewalk grate has a person sleeping on it in Philadelphia and the street lights are shaped like Hershey Kisses at Hershey Town. The french fries are the best at Big O’s in Pittsburgh and Shady SIde has the best Spinich Salad I’ve ever tasted. I got the runs from eating those damned crawfish in New Orleans. San Jose has the coolest lowriders in the west. The Sierra Mountains were more fun than the Adirondacks. The best chocolate I’ve ever had was at Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco. I’ve driven my car at top speed with my eyes closed and arms folded on the Salt Flats of Utah. The Hell’s Angels can mean mug you like nobody I’ve ever stared at. I crashed my motorcycle several thousand feet up on Mount Hamilton and lived to go back down the mountain. I’ve seen some things but by no means everything. I write and illustrate comic strips and animate a bit. I don’t like the taste of lamb, it’s too gamey and once you’ve smelled a herd of sheep you’ll never put lamb near your face again. The only thing that can smell as bad, is a sugar processing plant. Ostrich is also an assault to the pallet. It tasted like wet cigar butts. My wife likes both lamb and ostrich but then she’s not me. If we were alike one of us would be unnecessary.