There are thou­sands of com­ic con­ven­tions held across the coun­try each year. Local com­ic cons in your near­by city can draw nice crowds and the large nation­al cons in San Diego and Chica­go are packed hous­es with hun­dreds of thou­sands of eager com­ic buyers.

So, sell­ing your com­ic books at con­ven­tions can poten­tial­ly pro­duce big mon­ey for you, but you should be pre­pared to accept 3 awful truths…

1. The awful truth about nation­al com­ic cons. Buy­ing space to sell your comics at nation­al cons will be expen­sive and will sell out quick­ly. You may also have to trav­el a long way to get there. If this hap­pens you’ll need to fig­ure out a way to trans­port your com­ic books there and pay for hotel and sleep­ing room space. Over­all, this is going to be an expen­sive expe­ri­ence for you. How­ev­er, the crowds at the large nation­al cons can be enor­mous and the pace is fast and furi­ous. It’s not unusu­al to sell $1000.00 worth of comics in 30 min­utes and deal with a new col­lec­tor or buy­er every 30 sec­onds. At the end of the day, you can come home tired and exhausted…but poten­tial­ly hun­dreds or even thou­sands of dol­lars richer.

2. The awful truth about some (not all) local com­ic con­ven­tions. If the local con­ven­tion near your home is not well-pub­li­cized, you can find your­self sit­ting for hours, where no one shows up and you won­der why you decid­ed to waste your day pack­ing up your comics and plunk­ing down $50 for a table. At the end of the day, you can poten­tial­ly come home very frus­trat­ed and angry. …with only a few dol­lars in your pock­et to show for a day’s work. bad_conventionHow­ev­er, unlike nation­al con­ven­tions, buy­ing space at there is cheap and you can rest at home in your own bed at the end of the day and a local com­ic con — if it is well-pub­li­cized — can help you sell a lot of comics.

3. The awful truth about your com­pe­ti­tion. Need­less to say, all com­ic con­ven­tions — large or small — are com­pet­i­tive because oth­er com­ic deal­ers are there set up only a few feet away from you. At the larg­er com­ic con­ven­tions, there will be dozens of oth­er com­ic deal­ers and col­lec­tors who will be offer­ing hun­dreds of thou­sands of com­ic books — many of them offer­ing the same comics as you have. So, unless you have your comics priced right or unless they’re extreme­ly scarce, you will get passed up by most col­lec­tors, many of whom are there look­ing for bargains.

How­ev­er, not every­thing is so dark and gloomy. Let me give you one big pos­i­tive to sell­ing at com­ic cons. By sim­ply buy­ing a table, tak­ing the time to set up prop­er­ly, you gain equal foot­ing with deal­ers who have been sell­ing comics for decades. This means that not only can you sell your comics, but you can now buy comics from oth­er deal­ers at whole­sale prices and turn around and resell them at retail…or for profit.

If you are pre­pared accept these 3 awful truths and the risks involved, then sell­ing your com­ic books at com­ic cons can be a great way for you make mon­ey from your com­ic collection.


Source by Alan LaMont