Don't forget your charger

Don’t forget your charger

If you have ever been lucky enough to go to comic con, then you will know that you tend to take a lot of technology with you. You will need a phone so that you can update your social networks when you are there, so that all of your friends are jealous.

Furthermore, you will need a camera so that you can take photos of everything that you see. Yes, at comic con, you will have to queue up and buy a professional photo with a famous person, so cameras are not as important as phones, but you will want to make sure that you can a picture of everything else.

If you have never been before, then you might run the risk of running out of battery when you are there. This is a rookie mistake and you will need to make sure that you never run out of battery.

If you are going to comic con this year, then read ahead for some tips on how to make sure that you won’t run out of battery and miss anything.

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Take your charger

The most obvious answer is to take your charger with you. Comic con takes place inside a massive arena and there will be free sockets around the building. The trick will be finding one that is free.

Thousands of people will be at comic con and they will all be in the same boat as you. If everyone brings their charger with them, then they will all be looking for free sockets.

You might end up wandering aimlessly around the arena looking for a socket, whilst you have no battery and you are missing everything.

You might have paid a lot of money to get to comic con and if you miss anything you will always regret it. If you are lucky and you can find a socket, then you are going to have to sit with your phone whilst it charges. Can you imagine sitting in comic con, missing all the panels whilst you are waiting for your phone to charge. You would be devastated.

If you run out of battery and you don’t have another way of charging your phone, then you will be better off just accepting that you have run out of battery and then experiencing comic con for what it is. So what if you don’t have a photo, you will always have the memories.

Portable chargers

One of the best ways to charge your tech whilst you are on the move is by using a portable charger. There are chargers, which fit in your pocket and you just have to make sure that they are charged.

You can charge them using a USB charger at the hotel, before you arrive at the con, or you could just plug it into your computer. Just make sure that they have a full charge before you leave the hotel.

These small chargers will then attach to your phone, your tablet computer or your camera through the USB port on the charger. Just make sure that you have a charger that is suitable for the appliance. You can do this by checking the voltage on the appliance and then on the charger, so that you can make sure that they match.

The benefit of a portable charger is that you still use the item whilst it is charging and they can even be plugged into each other whilst they are in your pocket or bag, and you can still be walking around the convention centre. You don’t have to miss a thing whilst your item is charging.


Source by J Winter