With the re-emer­gence of the ‘Nerd’ as some­thing that is cool again, Lon­don Film and Com­ic Con has become very pop­u­lar. Most of the time it sells out and you have to get tick­ets will in advance.

The con­ven­tion is usu­al­ly held in July and it is when Nerds flock to Lon­don from all over the UK and even Europe. It is very pop­u­lar and it is a lot of fun. It is a chance for peo­ple to meet the stars from their favourite movies, tv shows and even video games.

A lot of the hotels and tourist attrac­tions know that they can hike their prices for that week­end and peo­ple will stay pay because they want to go to the con. How­ev­er, if you are think­ing of going, then you should plan ahead and make sure that you don’t have to pay the hiked prices.


The tick­ets for the con­ven­tion are going to sell out fast. If you want to go for the full week­end, includ­ing the pre­view night on the Fri­day then you will have to get online and get the tick­ets on the morn­ing of release.

If you leave it any lat­er then you will have to set­tle for one day or anoth­er. You should try and get tick­ets for the Sun­day because most peo­ple will go on the Sat­ur­day. This is because some of the stars only go to the con on a Sat­ur­day. Some­times the Sun­day tick­ets don’t sell out at all.

If you are unlucky enough to not get any tick­ets, then you can still go, but you will have to go to the are­na on the day and then queue up for tick­ets. They let more peo­ple in on the day as oth­er peo­ple are leav­ing so it might mean a lengthy wait in the queue. Some peo­ple can be seen queu­ing up as ear­ly as the night before the event starts.


If you are going to Lon­don on the train then you should book the tick­ets in advance. You will save more mon­ey the ear­li­er you book them. Tick­et prices come out up to three months in advance and you will have your pick of the cheap tick­ets. They have tick­ets of all dif­fer­ent prices, the cheap­est are usu­al­ly the ones that are not peak times.

If you are think­ing of trav­el­ling at 9am, then you will have to pay the high­est price. If you need to be there ear­ly then pick between 7 and 8am and you will pay the min­i­mal price.

Hotel or Hos­tel

Even if you book the hotel on the same day that the event date is announced, hotels will have already hiked the price and you will end up pay­ing a lot of mon­ey for a few nights in a hotel.

There­fore, you should look into book­ing a hos­tel in Lon­don. They are cheap and they are well looked after. Some­times the only dif­fer­ence between a hotel and a hos­tel is that in a hotel, you will have your own bath­room.

Just think of all the spend­ing mon­ey you could have for the con­ven­tion if you have saved your mon­ey on the price of the room. Fur­ther­more, oth­er nerds might not have thought to look for a room in a hos­tel, so you might not even have a prob­lem find­ing a place to stay for the con.


Source by K Chris