from Caitlin Cowie | BuzzFeed Jr. Video Producer

Tips on how to draw better in 2 minutes:

  • Break complex creatures into their basic shapes and contours
  • Use reference images:
    Draw what you see, not what you know
  • Rules of thumb for human proportion:
    Eyes and ears go in the center of the face
    An average person is 7.5 heads tall
  • Choose a compelling color palette before you paint
  • Use the value range:
    There should be patches of light and dark, not all mid-tones
  • Identify a light source to make certain areas pop
  • For more realism, soften dark edges
    Real life doesn’t have bold, black outlines
    The background is usually lighter than the foreground
  • Use foreground details to push depth
  • Keep in mind relative size and perspective