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Many peo­ple are look­ing for an oppor­tu­ni­ty to dis­pose off their com­ic books. Many of these com­ic books are obtained through rel­a­tives or friends. Buy­ing them is an impor­tant invest­ment con­sid­er­ing you can decide to sell or pass the book to oth­er peo­ple. In case you have books gath­er­ing dust from your shelves you should con­sid­er sell­ing them. Sell­ing a col­lec­tion of the books does not have to be a problem.

Sell­ing your col­lec­tion of com­ic books

Sell­ing your col­lec­tion of the books will often take some time. Once the deci­sion has been made to trade off the books, make sure to receive as much mon­ey as pos­si­ble from your col­lec­tion. First you need to find out the grade of the books and their val­ue. The grade refers to the con­di­tion of the book. They are nor­mal­ly ranked from ‘poor con­di­tion’ to ‘mint condition’.

There­fore, a book that is in a bet­ter con­di­tion is worth much more. The esti­mat­ed val­ue of the book takes into account many fac­tors includ­ing the grade of the book, the rar­i­ty, appeal of the book and the age. There are dif­fer­ent places you can con­sid­er to sell the books. Some places you decide to sell the book are bet­ter than oth­ers, including:

· Auc­tion house

The auc­tion house is an option that can be con­sid­ered by some of the com­ic sell­ers. Many of these auc­tion hous­es spe­cial­ize in rare com­ic book collections.

· Com­ic store

Com­ic stores are nor­mal­ly the first places many of the own­ers think of once they decide to sell the books. How­ev­er, the main prob­lem in sell­ing the com­ic books to the local com­ic stores is the fact that they buy used books with the hope of mak­ing a prof­it. There­fore, the stores will not be in a posi­tion to offer you the worth of the books because in case they are not mak­ing prof­its they will be forced out of busi­ness. Nev­er­the­less, if you are in need of quick mon­ey, com­ic stores are con­sid­ered the best place for sell­ing your books.

· Inter­net

You can con­sid­er the option of sell­ing your books to auc­tion sites avail­able online such as eBay. This gives you the oppor­tu­ni­ty of con­trol­ling when and how you sell your col­lec­tion of com­ic books. All that you will need to do is to open an account with eBay. How­ev­er, you must be care­ful because the more whis­tles you con­sid­er adding to your auc­tion, the more it will cost you.

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