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Star Trek Con­tin­ues is a suc­cess­ful, non-prof­it, fan-based web­series fin­ish­ing the final two years of the orig­i­nal 5‑year mission.

Thank you, CBS!

The Star Trek Con­tin­ues fan-based, non-prof­it pro­duc­tion respect­ful­ly and gra­cious­ly thanks CBS, the hold­er of the Star Trek rights, for allow­ing fan-films of this great show! With­out their sup­port of the fans’ love of Star Trek then web-based, fan-pro­duced shows like ours would not be pos­si­ble. Their under­stand­ing of the pas­sion that the fans have for their prop­er­ty is sec­ond to none and we are so appre­cia­tive for their sup­port by allow­ing this activity.


Star Trek Con­tin­ues is a non-prof­it, fan pro­duced web­series that was launched in May 2013 with its first episode, “Pil­grim of Eter­ni­ty.” The show is being pro­duced to com­plete the final two years of the orig­i­nal 5‑year mis­sion. Our inau­gur­al episode brings back orig­i­nal series guest star, Michael For­est as Apol­lo. The accu­ra­cy of the sets, light­ing, film­ing and the qual­i­ty act­ing and char­ac­ter­i­za­tion brought great praise and sup­port from Star Trek TOS fans all over the world.

(Video below is full episode with run­ning time of more than 51 minutes)

The Details

We’ve made a first episode that we’re real­ly proud of. Now we want to make more! If we can raise $100k, we can make 3 orig­i­nal, all-new episodes.

We’re not pay­ing our­selves! The mon­ey goes to hard costs relat­ed to the devel­op­ment, film­ing, and post-pro­duc­tion of these episodes, such as:

• Set con­struc­tion and materials

• Build­ing rental and maintenance

• Month­ly util­i­ties costs

• Equip­ment rental

• Prop pro­duc­tion and replication

• Cos­tume rental and production

• Make up equip­ment and supplies

• Cast and crew trav­el, lodg­ing, and food dur­ing the shoots

• Post pro­duc­tion costs, hard dri­ves, online data stor­age, etc.

• Plus a mil­lion oth­er lit­tle details!

The Stretch Goals

If we are for­tu­nate enough to exceed our goal, addi­tion­al funds will go towards mak­ing more and bet­ter episodes. We are just get­ting start­ed! If we exceed $200k, then new pro­duc­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties may open up, such as expan­sion of our sets and per­haps even our own facil­i­ty, includ­ing an indoor plan­et sur­face set­ting like was so often fea­tured in TOS!

But we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it!

The Accolades

There have been many reviews of our web­series’ inau­gur­al episode, some by the elite of fan-based web­sites such as and io9, among oth­ers. Check out some of the reviews here:

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In addi­tion to the fan site reviews, many of our fans took the time to reach out to us about our show and they are excit­ed to see more:

I can see a great deal of love and care went into the pro­duc­tion of this web series and I whole­heart­ed­ly applaud you for it. To think I can see a con­tin­u­a­tion of the orig­i­nal series in this fan-made form is pure joy.” — Ozne R.

I watched with plea­sure the first episode some time ago and it stirred a lot of mem­o­ries.” — Rick B.

For years I have been jonesin’ for years for new episodes of ANY star trek series. Watch­ing this was an exact expe­ri­ence of a new episode of the orig­i­nal series. Once I got used to the new faces about half way through it was like the orig­i­nal series in every way! We NEED MORE episodes!” — Dean M.

This episode had me hooked from begin­ning to end, and I loved that lit­tle east­er egg at the end.” — Vanes­sa E.

You hit absolute­ly every­thing right. You matched the style with­out it feel­ing dat­ed. You caught the actors and char­ac­ters spir­it with­out them feel­ing like impres­sion­ists. The sto­ry was com­pelling, mean­ing­ful, and in the true spir­it of ST:OS…with a kind moral. Fan­tas­tic.” — Ryan R.

Hun­dreds of fans have emailed us, and they all have had sim­i­lar sen­ti­ments as above, regard­ing the first episode of our series. We have had more than 250,000 views of our episode between Vimeo and Youtube and it is grow­ing every day.

The Team

The first episode was shot in Jan­u­ary of 2013 at the Far­ragut Films stu­dio which is the home to the largest, free­stand­ing orig­i­nal series sets in North Amer­i­ca. The 10-day shoot was filled with Trek fan pas­sion that cre­at­ed one of the most accu­rate, mod­ern day por­tray­als of the orig­i­nal series to date.

The show stars:

Vic has been act­ing from the age of eight all the way through col­lege where he majored in film and minored in the­atre. Vic has been in count­less pro­fes­sion­al stage and film pro­duc­tions but per­haps is best known as a pro­lif­ic voice actor for over two hun­dred ani­mat­ed series and video games includ­ing Full­met­al Alchemist, Drag­onball Z, Poke­mon and many more. As a young boy, Vic fell in love with Star Trek and is real­iz­ing his boy­hood dream to play the role of Cap­tain Kirk.

Todd got his first pro­fes­sion­al start in stage pro­duc­tions as a boy. He then went on to a degree in the­atre from SMU. Being in front of and behind the cam­era in almost every capac­i­ty, Todd is an accom­plished actor, direc­tor, pro­duc­er and writer. He works in every medi­um from ani­ma­tion and film to voice over and the­atre. Todd con­tin­ues to pro­duce with his own com­pa­ny, Out of the Office Productions.

A native of Nor­man, OK, Lar­ry is author of the best-sell­ing “ST: The Next Gen­er­a­tion Com­pan­ion” and “Star Trek: Stel­lar Car­tog­ra­phy,” with editor/producer cred­its on Com­mu­ni­ca­tor mag­a­zine, Star Trek Fact Files, and now his col­umn in Star Trek mag­a­zine and his own TREKLAND vidchat/blog site. His BA and MA in the­atre sparked a host of stage cred­its, and recent­ly he guest-starred in the “Divine White” web­series nom­i­nat­ed for a 2011 LA Com­e­dy Award. Along with sto­ry cred­it for the “Prophe­cy” episode of Star Trek: Voy­ager, Lar­ry also shares two Asso­ci­at­ed Press state news awards, leads the “Hol­ly­wood 2 Vegas” Star Trek Tour for Geek Nation Tours, and appears in numer­ous Trek doc­u­men­taries while shoot­ing his own, “The Con of Wrath.”

Chris is no stranger to Star Trek. Hav­ing spent time on the orig­i­nal series sets with his dad. He began his act­ing adven­ture on the Enter­prise in 1979 appear­ing in Star Trek: The Motion Pic­ture. That was the first of sev­er­al appear­ances on the beloved ship. His most recent trek put him in the trans­porter room of the crit­i­cal­ly acclaimed Star Trek(2009), shar­ing the screen with the new Scot­ty, Simon Pegg. Chris has also done sev­er­al char­ac­ter voice-overs for the Star­ship Far­ragut ani­mat­ed episodes, includ­ing that of the icon­ic engi­neer himself.

Grant is one of the hosts of Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel’s Myth­busters. Before that, he spent nine years as an ani­ma­tron­ics engi­neer and mod­el mak­er for George Lucas’s Indus­tri­al Light and Mag­ic. Grant worked on many block­busters includ­ing The Matrix sequels,Galaxy Quest, Ter­mi­na­tor 3, and Star Wars: Episodes 1–3 (although he is NOT respon­si­ble for Jar Jar). He put the lights in R2-D2’s dome and gave the Ener­giz­er Bun­ny his beat. He cre­at­ed the often rude and irrev­er­ent robot skele­ton side­kick for late night talk show host Craig Ferguson.

Kim has appeared in film, on tele­vi­sion, in com­mer­cials and on the web. She has had roles on shows like The Bold and the Beau­ti­ful, Amer­i­ca’s Most Want­ed and the films Thun­der Genius­es and Pas­tor Jones 2: Lord, Save My Daugh­ter. Lt. Uhu­ra will be a stand­out among her roles, not only because of Kim’s respect for Nichelle Nichols who orig­i­nat­ed the icon­ic char­ac­ter, but also for the tremen­dous enthu­si­asm Trek fans have for Uhu­ra and the entire cast of the clas­sic series.

Wyatt has been act­ing since he was a child play­ing roles like Joseph in Joseph and the Amaz­ing Tech­ni­col­or Dream­coat, Into The Woods: Rapunzel’s Prince and more. He’s won sev­er­al clas­si­cal piano com­pe­ti­tions and enjoys com­pos­ing, singing and play­ing bass with his band. Wyatt even works as a flight direc­tor at the Christa McAu­li­ffe Space Edu­ca­tion Cen­ter tak­ing young stu­dents to dis­tant des­ti­na­tions in the galaxy. He comes from a fam­i­ly of nine where the ulti­mate fam­i­ly pas­time is any­thing Star Trek.

Steven is an Exec­u­tive Pro­duc­er of Star Trek Con­tin­ues, and is fea­tured in Fall­out: Nuka Break, My Gimpy Life, Save the Supers, the Jeff Lewis Five Minute Com­e­dy Hour, Shelf Life, the upcom­ing Veron­i­ca Mars Movie, and more.

As well as por­tray­ing Starfleet’s first ever ship’s coun­selor, Dr. Elise MacKen­na in STC, Michele is known to Sci-Fi fans as insane boun­ty hunter Red in “Fall­out: Nuka Break”, and as Bet­ty the Manip­u­la­tion Core in the Por­tal-based “Aper­ture R&D”. Her tele­vi­sion work includes roles on “CSI: NY” and “Dis­ney’s “Kickin’ It”, as well as series reg­u­lar Katie in “I Hate My 30s”. Her fea­ture films include “The Last God­fa­ther” with Har­vey Kietel, “Pol­i­tics of Love” with Loret­ta Divine, and “The Columbian Con­nec­tion” with Tom Size­more. She has also voiced roles in ani­mat­ed films (“Mada­gas­car: Escape to Africa”), ani­mat­ed series (Car­toon Net­work’s “MAR”), and sev­er­al pop­u­lar video games and ani­me series

The Sets

Our sets are the largest, free­stand­ing in North Amer­i­ca. Our sound stu­dio is a 10,000 square feet ware­house and con­tains the Bridge, Trans­porter Room, Rec Room/Mess Hall/Briefing Room, Sick­bay, Cap­tain’s Quar­ters and more.