With the re-emergence of the ‘Nerd’ as something that is cool again, London Film and Comic Con has become very popular. Most of the time it sells out and you have to get tickets will in advance.

The convention is usually held in July and it is when Nerds flock to London from all over the UK and even Europe. It is very popular and it is a lot of fun. It is a chance for people to meet the stars from their favourite movies, tv shows and even video games.

A lot of the hotels and tourist attractions know that they can hike their prices for that weekend and people will stay pay because they want to go to the con. However, if you are thinking of going, then you should plan ahead and make sure that you don’t have to pay the hiked prices.


The tickets for the convention are going to sell out fast. If you want to go for the full weekend, including the preview night on the Friday then you will have to get online and get the tickets on the morning of release.

If you leave it any later then you will have to settle for one day or another. You should try and get tickets for the Sunday because most people will go on the Saturday. This is because some of the stars only go to the con on a Saturday. Sometimes the Sunday tickets don’t sell out at all.

If you are unlucky enough to not get any tickets, then you can still go, but you will have to go to the arena on the day and then queue up for tickets. They let more people in on the day as other people are leaving so it might mean a lengthy wait in the queue. Some people can be seen queuing up as early as the night before the event starts.


If you are going to London on the train then you should book the tickets in advance. You will save more money the earlier you book them. Ticket prices come out up to three months in advance and you will have your pick of the cheap tickets. They have tickets of all different prices, the cheapest are usually the ones that are not peak times.

If you are thinking of travelling at 9am, then you will have to pay the highest price. If you need to be there early then pick between 7 and 8am and you will pay the minimal price.

Hotel or Hostel

Even if you book the hotel on the same day that the event date is announced, hotels will have already hiked the price and you will end up paying a lot of money for a few nights in a hotel.

Therefore, you should look into booking a hostel in London. They are cheap and they are well looked after. Sometimes the only difference between a hotel and a hostel is that in a hotel, you will have your own bathroom.

Just think of all the spending money you could have for the convention if you have saved your money on the price of the room. Furthermore, other nerds might not have thought to look for a room in a hostel, so you might not even have a problem finding a place to stay for the con.


Source by K Chris