speed_drawing_WHITEBOARD_VIDEO_SCRIBEBy Tarun S Kumar

Lat­est trends in visu­al media enticed users to try inno­v­a­tive tech­niques to ani­mat­ed videos. Cre­at­ing an eye-catchy prod­uct video using exclu­sive effec­tive tools to Pow­er point and demo reels is the sim­plest and most inex­pen­sive way to show­case your hid­den tal­ents to the audience.

The pow­er­ful soft­ware to cre­ate audio-visu­al aids for live pre­sen­ta­tion, edu­ca­tion­al reels, prod­uct demo allow you to receive an amaz­ing ani­mat­ed clip or short movies to be used for dif­fer­ent sources. Essen­tial­ly, the soft­ware used to cre­ate ani­mat­ed videos are, flash, adobe after effects, apple motion, Microsoft pow­er-point, 2D and 3D animations.

As every­one likes to go viral but for some the prob­lem aris­es is mon­ey con­straint. Pay­ing hefty amounts to video mak­ing is not a cup of their tea, what is required to over­come such remorse is try­ing to cre­ate it by your own.

In this write-up I would love to dis­cuss some of the sim­ple and basic steps to how to cre­ate ani­mat­ed prod­uct videos.

To begin with -

1. Go for per­fect script - Once you have made up your mind to cre­ate prod­uct video, the first thing you need to con­sid­er is write an eye-catchy script to it. Try to pick out the inno­v­a­tive tech­nique to dis­play your prod­uct as num­ber 1, in the eyes of the con­sumers. Take help of your near and dear one to get the best descrip­tion of your prod­uct. As it’s your prod­uct, so you know bet­ter about it than oth­ers. Assess its mer­its and demer­its to pick the best script or sto­ry. Do not for­get to write in chunks mere­ly like a sto­ry board or screen play.

2. Cut it into video frames - For video fram­ing part you need to look for an artist friend, who may help you cre­ate good char­ac­ters in the prod­uct pic­ture. If you have a cre­ative hand, then try to do it your­self, this may assist in plan­ning the best mas­ter­piece suit­able for prod­uct pre­sen­ta­tion. On an aver­age you need to design up to 40 screen shots depict­ing dif­fer­ent move­ments of char­ac­ter and product.

3. Choose the Right Voice over and audio tech­nique - If you are not reach­ing the silent pic­ture, then you need to include a per­fect voice over to the screen shots. Look for your friends hav­ing a good audi­ble voice that per­fect­ly cor­re­sponds to the screen shot dis­played or played in the video. Try to include ordi­nary nar­ra­tive voic­es that are clear to the ears. You may add back­ground music sup­port­ing your ani­mat­ed video.

4. To merge it togeth­er - When you are ready with full screen play includ­ing the audio/ visu­al effects put it all togeth­er to see how it goes on TV or air. Check it thor­ough­ly before mak­ing it live over the inter­net or radio. Put some after­ef­fects in it mak­ing it look more authen­tic and catchy in the eyes of users. If you still feel that the ani­mat­ed prod­uct video is not up to the mark and require a pro­fes­sion­al hand. Browse online to hire the best video pro­duc­tion com­pa­ny to ani­mat­ed or prod­uct videos.

Feel free to get it reviewed for your short­com­ings. This will make you improve your skills to cre­ate bet­ter ani­ma­tion prod­uct video than before. There are plen­ty of instruc­tion­al guides or videos avail­able over the inter­net to assist you to try the pas­sion­ate cre­ative pur­suit liberally.